Our Purpose

"Efficiently onboard investors and digitally enable their interactions with their selected brokers, custodians, banks, asset managers, and/or associated service providers."

A global technology platform providing efficient, secure solutions for investors and advisors seeking services from Brokers, Custodians, Banks, Investment Funds, and related providers. To empower users to seamlessly appoint and engage with these entities, aiming to be the preferred facilitator and reference for cross-border investors looking to appoint service providers.

Our Identity

The genesis of our company stems from the complexities of investment regulations, particularly in India's capital markets. Currently, SEBI and RBI allow Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) and NRI investors to invest in the Indian market; however, navigating the process involves intricate regulations, such as mandatory beneficiary accounts with multiple intermediaries. Each intermediary requires extensive physical documentation, creating a daunting process with varied formats, deterring potential investors. Additionally, the lack of standardized communication tools complicates onboarding, hindering access to India's lucrative investment opportunities.

Facilon addresses this challenge by offering a user-centric online portal, bridging geographical barriers. We optimize data flow between intermediaries and investors, assist in providing real-time tracking of the updates for onboarding, account opening, and inter-se transactions between the investor-service providers. Our goal is to simplify the investment journey, making India more accessible and appealing for global wealth creation.

Navigating with Facilon

Facilon is not just a platform; it functions as a gateway to connect global investors with a local network of service providers being securities market intermediaries.

Contact us today to discover how Facilon can transform your experience!

Collaborate with investors, brokers, and custodians with our user-driven solutions, enjoying transparent processes, timely communication, secured data exchange, and a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your objectives .

Together, we can transform the securities market into a more accessible, transparent platform for global investors.

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