Our Expertise

Facilon provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to facilitate the onboarding and ongoing support of investors, thereby curating a network of trusted/registered custodians, banks, brokers, and other intermediaries and agents as needed.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Facilon simplifies the onboarding process, making it easier for investors to open accounts with their chosen service provider.

Enhanced Efficiency

Faclion’s platform simplifies communication and data exchange between investors, intermediaries, service providers and Facilon, thereby effectively navigating paperwork and enhancing efficiency.

Reduced Timelines

Facilon's automation and efficiency reduces the turnaround time associated with onboarding, benefiting both investors and service providers.

Investor Advantage

Investors benefit from navigating the service provider requirements with ease, guided by our user-friendly self-service platform.

Connecting investors with a network of service providers

  • Access a comprehensive list of service providers including Facilon registered service providers
  • Gain insights into each service provider's entity's product offerings and capabilities
  • Expedite the service provider appointment process
  • Navigate complexities of the onboarding process securities market with confidence

Transparent, effective communication between investors and service providers

Automate data collection and processing

We ensure that service providers deliver reports including transaction reports in formats that are easily understandable and accessible to investors.

Simplifying Instruction Communication

To optimize instruction relay, Facilon offers a collection of pre-crafted email templates tailored to different instruction types, entitling investors to communicate their directives precisely and accurately.

Unparalleled Support for Overseas Investors

Our solutions cater to overseas investors, including foreign individuals, corporations and family offices.

Revolutionizing the Investors Experience

A Unique Single Window Facility

Facilon provides a single-window facility, eliminating the need to connect separately with multiple intermediaries. Our proactive and well-organized solutions extend from pre-onboarding to post-onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition for all stakeholders. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, our intuitive platform welcomes you at any stage, irrespective of your investment background or current service provider relationships.

Inspiring Intermediaries to Expand Horizons

We are committed to facilitating service providers in expanding their reach beyond their local markets. Our customized solutions and data-driven insights motivate brokers, custodians, and other service providers to tap into a global network of investors, cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships. .

A Pioneer in Comprehensive Solutions

We stand as the technology provider offering such comprehensive solutions to service providers in India and clients based outside of India. Our unique approach will set a new benchmark in the industry, promoting a more inclusive and accessible investment landscape.